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Unitech PA600 Standarad Edition PDA
Unitech PA600 Standarad Edition PDA
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Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, the PA600 is designed for users who need a compact, yet durable PDA for data collection and real time transactions. Perfect for retail, hospitality, sales automation, and field services, the PA600 has the features to fit any business. Equipped with a large, color LCD touch-screen, integrated laser scanner, 18-key keypad, and 624MHz processor, the PA600 was designed to meet the demands of a variety of data collection applications.

Compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket, it is the lightest PDA in its class, weighing in at just 10 ounces. The PA600 may be small in proportion, but is extremely powerful and durable. With an IP64 rating to resist dust and water, the PA600 can also withstand 4-foot drops to a concrete floor.

Windows Mobile 6.1
10 ounces
Integrated laser scanner, keypad, touch-screen
VOIP ready (Windows Mobile version)
WLAN & Bluetooth
Dynamic Power Management System
IP64 Rated
4-foot drop threshold

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