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Unitech PA500 Enterprise PDA
Unitech PA500 Enterprise PDA
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Designed for enterprise applications, the PA500 Compact Enterprise PDA is a powerful mobile computer with a 520MHz Intel PX270 processor. The built-in 802.11b/g and Bluetooth Class 2 connectivity replaces the need for separate GPRS connections, thereby eliminating GPRS packet data costs. GPRS can be achieved through a Bluetooth Dialup Network connection to a GPRS enabled phone.

The PA500 has an integrated microphone and headset jack to support VOIP communication and voice recognition applications, minimizing telephony costs and maximizing the productivity and safety of staff.

More rugged than your standard enterprise PDA, the PA500 withstands multiple 4 foot drops to concrete. The small and lightweight form factor makes the Unitech PA500 the ideal choice for shop floor staff, restaurant order entry, retail inventory control, and healthcare applications.

Data is easily captured via laser scanner or touch-screen keyboard. An SDIO expansion slot secures your investment by giving the PA500 the ability to add GPS and other devices whenever they are needed. The PA500 Compact Enterprise PDA puts flexible, durable and cost saving computing at the heart of your business and in the hands of your staff.

Features :
Windows Mobile 5.0
Enterprise level PDA
802.11 b/g and Bluetooth
Integrated Voice & VoIP
Color touch screen
Laser Barcode Scanner
SDIO Slot expansion
1.2-Meter / 4-Foot Drop test

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