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Unitech MS839L Laser barcode scanner
Unitech MS839L Laser barcode scanner
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Rugged Handheld Laser Scanner
Unitech’s handheld laser scanner MS839L provides for greater productivity and efficiency with its fast and accurate scanning engine and rugged design. The MS839L reads GS1 DataBar bar codes and features a variety of reliable and aggressive performance features that ensure its capability in various applications, such as warehousing, retail and healthcare.

With its powerful and reliable laser scan engine, the MS839L is able to decode GS1 DataBar symbologies, including limited, omnidirectional, stacked omnidirectional, stacked, expanded, expanded stacked and truncated, and delivers fast and accurate scanning performance.

The MS839L supports OPOS drivers, which makes set up and configuration fast and easy and ensures efficient performance in many retail applications including inventory, bill tracking and customer service. This cuts costs by reducing installation time and maintaining worker productivity. The interchangeable cable design allows users to change interfaces by simply replacing a cable.

The MS839L resists multiple 1.5 meter drops to concrete, minimizing downtime due to breakage and lowering the total cost of ownership. Although tough enough to handle industrial use, the MS839L is lightweight and ergonomically designed making it comfortable and easy to use, even for long periods of time. The ESD protection guarantees the device can withstand 4KV
Contact and 8KV Air electro-static discharge.

• Support GS1 databar symbologies
• Support USB, Keyboard Wedge and RS232
• Replaceable cable accessorized
• Beeper volume over 85db
• 1.5 Meter / 5-Foot Drop Threshold

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