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Unitech MS337h Hospital Barcode Scanner
Unitech MS337h Hospital Barcode Scanner
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2D Imager Healthcare Scanner
The Unitech MS337H is a rugged handheld scanner designed specifically for healthcare. This CMOS 2D imager scanner is constructed with an antimicrobial enclosure to provide healthcare professionals with a barcode scanning solution ideally suited for use at the point of care.

The MS337H increases accuracy and efficiency by reducing the likelihood of human errors from manual entry. Featuring true omni-directional 2D area scanning technology with a high-resolution image sensor and wide-angle lens, the MS337H allows for accurate reading of damaged or curved barcodes - perfect for scanning patient identification bracelets and medication labels. This scanning technology reduces the paperwork burden, enabling healthcare professionals more time interacting with patients and providing higher-quality care.

The MS337H is constructed with a durable antimicrobial housing. Capable of withstanding multiple 5-foot drops to concrete, the MS337H is rugged enough for any healthcare application. While standard clinical procedures require cleaning and disinfection for any devices used at the point of care, the MS337H’s antimicrobial housing provides an added safeguard against the proliferation and spread of germs.

Infrastructures are complex, difficult to maintain and expensive. It is important to invest in a barcode solution that is easily integrated into existing systems and user workflows. The MS337H offers unparalleled flexibility for customization and easy configuration with its PC-based software. Unitech also provides easy firmware upgrades and comprehensive support and service packages.

The MS337H features aggressive decoding capability for the most comprehensive set of barcode symbologies. This versatile scanner is ideal for hands-free applications, allowing healthcare professionals the opportunity to focus less on scanning and more on providing patients with quality care. Well suited for indoor or outdoor applications, the MS337H has the ability to scan in direct sunlight or total darkness. The MS337H is the ideal healthcare barcode scanning solution for patient safety, clinical care delivery and patient tracking.

Features :
• Antimicrobial housing
• 5-Foot drop threshold
• 1.2MPs CMOS image sensor
• 1D, 2D and OCR (optional)
• Supports USB interface
• Supports 3 – 5.5 VDC power input
• Image transfer (beta software available)
• FirstFlash™ with integrated illuminationSwiftDecoder™

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