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Unitech MS120 Pen Barcode reader
Unitech MS120 Pen Barcode reader
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Pen Scanner
Handheld barcode scanner. Their advanced optics and electronics design. Which converts a barcode image into a high quality digital signal, allows them to read color, faded and low contrast barcode labels quickly and accurately.

The polished and smooth sapphire tip reduces wear on barcode labels. Moveover, thrie rugged, yet, lightweight stainless steel construction with strain relief, makes them well suited for heavy duty industrial applications.

MS120 is decoded to support the PC/AT keyboard wedge and RS232. It accepts most commonly used barcode symbologies, scanned data formatting and function keys emulation. They are the ideal choice for your low cost barcode solutions. The entire series is FCC and CE approved.

• Rugged, lightweight, and easy to use
• Low power consumption, 37mA average
• Wide read angle, 0 ~ 45 degree tilt
• High scan speed, 5 ~ 75 cm/second
• Replaceable tip

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