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SR61ex Handheld Barcode Scanner
SR61ex Handheld Barcode Scanner
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SR61ex Handheld Scanner
Highly versatile scanning with integrated near-far area imaging technology
Image capture capability eliminates need for digital camera
Omni-directional scanning increases productivity
Ready for the increased use of 2D and stacked symbologies
Bluetooth® radio communication eliminates cables and facilitates complete mobility
Interfaces with Intermec terminals and personal computers
Easy configuration and personalization
Industrial durability stands up to harsh environments
Product Overview
The Intermec SR61ex is the first handheld cordless scanner on the market with integrated near/far area imaging technology, offering customers the unparalleled flexibility to read multiple symbologies, omni-directionally at distances of 6 inches to over 50 feet. It incorporates rugged design with the flexibility and seamless functionality of Bluetooth wireless communication.
The SR61ex eliminates the need for multiple scanners and substantially reduces total cost of ownership. With the SR61ex, users can scan 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes; capture images, signatures and documents; read at near and far distances; and successfully cope with damaged, poorly printed or partially obscured codes in variable lighting conditions.

In addition, the SR61ex features a personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth® communication protocol, making scanning easier and safer with no costly cables to damage or become entangled. Users gain hassle-free mobility up to 100 feet from the host.

Operators of fork trucks equipped with an Intermec vehicle-mounted mobile computer such as the CV30 or CV60, will appreciate how the near/far scanning capability of the SR61ex allows them to seamlessly transition between scanning objects held in their hand to scanning pallets located more than 50 feet away, a common requirement in warehouse management applications.

With omni-directional scanning, laser pointer auto-determining illumination and centered decoding, the SR61ex makes it easy to scan at variable distances, lighting conditions and angles, improving worker productivity and accuracy.

Users can connect up to seven SR61ex scanners to one Intermec host device enabling multiple people to scan items for inventory management, picking, shipping and receiving, cross docking, work-in-process, tool crib, and pallet tracking, all with ease.

The SR61ex includes Intermec’s EasySet™ software setup tool for easy configuration and personalization to meet the specific needs of the user’s environment, whether that includes reading specific barcode symbologies, decoding poor quality or damaged barcodes or utilizing image capture for proof of delivery and point of service applications. Users can also quickly set security options, select beeper tones and volumes, specify good read and error read responses, and make many other customizations.


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