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Grabba Scanner Sled
The Grabba product range has expanded into an incredible number of products, due to the growing number of PDAs and Smartphones supported, as well as the ever increasing number of technologies and combination of technologies that can be made into attachments for those PDAs and Smartphones. Now, you can find your Grabba product by selecting your PDA/Smartphone Manufacturer, or by selecting your Grabba Technologies, or perhaps if you already know the exact model you need, you can search by that too...

Item Description
Grabba S Series Sled fro Ipaq 200 Grabba S Series Sled fro Ipaq 200
Grabba S-Series: Grabba attachments combine seamlessly with PDAs and Smartphones creating a powerful enterprise tool. Fitted with its own rechargeable, long-life battery a Grabba is suitable for heavy... More Info>>
Item # S-3000

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