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Intermec SD61 Cordless Barcode Scanner
Intermec SD61 Cordless Barcode Scanner
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SD61 Wireless Base Station
Easy set up – No need to install new software into your PC or host systems
Lower acquisition costs – 1 base can connect up to 7 scanners
Reliable wireless communication through Intermec advanced communication protocol
Increased productivity and maneuverability by working up to 100m (328 ft) away from the base (open air)
Investment protection with a wide choice of host connections
Industrial grade – Intermec’s rugged construction is ideal for warehouse & industrial applications
Experience the flexibility to communicate with the Bluetooth® SR61B and SF51 Intermec Scanners
Product Overview
The SD61 wireless base station provides a secure connection (ISCP protocol) between multiple Intermec industrial scanners, including the SF51 and SR61B, and the host device without the need to load any new software to the host system, saving time and resources.
The SD61 multiport base station allows up to seven Intermec Bluetooth® scanners to operate in the same work area, connected wirelessly to the same mobile cart solution, PC or Intermec printer. By dramatically reducing the number of hosts, the SD61 delivers a quick ROI and a less cluttered work environment.

Wireless scanners can be connected and disconnected by simply reading the association barcode on top of the SD61, empowering line managers and individual users to associate scanners to the system without having to gain access to the host computer, reducing calls to systems administrators and limiting non-essential access to the system. Communication between the SD61 and associated scanners is bi-directional so it is fully secured, giving you the assurance that your data transfer is validated.

With support from a Bluetooth®™ Class 1 radio, the SD61 allows any associated user to work within a radius of up to 100m (328ft) from the base in open air. In case the user goes out of range from the base station, they will be informed by both visual (Intermec Ready-to-Work light) and audio messages provided by the SF51 or SR61 scanners, and will be automatically re-connected when they re-enter range.

To make its set up as easy as possible, the SD61 supports a wide range of host interfaces (wedge, RS 232, Wand emulation, USB), eliminating the need for adaptors or less durable dongles that may be better suited for non-industrial settings.

Each wireless scanner associated with the multiport SD61 will run independently with specific configurations, delivering maximum flexibility and reliability. The first-time configuration of the SD61 is made simple by reading configuration barcodes that accompany the base station or on-line through Intermec’s EasySet configuration software, which provides extensive data editing tools.

Designed to withstand 26 drops to concrete, the SD61 is ideal for harsh environments including warehouse and industrial production sites, and is the ideal replacement for the Intermec MicroBar 9745.


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