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Intermec CN50 Mobile Computer
Intermec CN50 Mobile Computer
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The industry’s most advanced rugged mobile computer
High performance communication and computing in a small and lightweight ruggedized design that is optimized for highly mobile field workers
Choice of WAN radio - 3.75G wireless WAN technology supports both voice and high-speed uplink and downlink data exchange to help improve worker productivity, 2.5G GPRS/EDGE ideal for regions where network providers do not support 3G data rates
Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) option enables users to capture high quality document images while on their route to help streamline back office operations and improve cash flow
Integrated digital compass and GPS radio provides instantaneous and real-time directional information to improve navigation for both pedestrian and vehicle-based applications
Built-in accelerometer senses position of the device to trigger display rotation
Standard features include both a high performance 3 MP color camera and an area imager for responsive 1D and 2D barcode reading
Choice of area imagers – EA11 optimized for scan intensive applications, EA21 optimized for document imaging with the capability to scan 1D/2D barcodes
Bluetooth® v2.1 EDR radio provides secure wireless connectivity to headsets, mobile printers and other Bluetooth compatible devices for simple and convenient connectivity
Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio enables fast and secure voice communications or end-of-day synchronization with your enterprise network
Integrated cell phone provides high quality voice communications eliminating the need to carry a separate device
Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system promotes ease of integration and intuitive use by developers and users
Available with up to 256MB RAM and 512MB Flash Memory allows you to run multiple simultanous applications – fast
Available in QWERTY or numeric keyboards
Medallion® Complete service provides protection against unbudgeted and rising repair costs
Product Overview
The Intermec CN50 is the only 3.75G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and lightweight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker.
With the class leading capabilities of the CN50 in their mobile workers’ hands, enterprises can improve their business processes, expand their service offerings and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobility solution.

The CN50 is available with the latest 3.75G wireless WAN radio to deliver the fastest data and voice communications available on UMTS wireless networks. With high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) technology, the CN50 provides fast and reliable data connectivity for uploading large documents, real-time images or synchronization with your enterprise data base. The CN50 is also available with 2.5G GPRS/EDGE WAN Radio. This provides an ideal solution that is more optimzed for regions that do not have 3G cellular networks.

The CN50, with EA21 imager, features an optional imaging application called Intermec Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) which gives mobile workers a fast and reliable way to convert paper documents into electronic files. eMDI helps streamline back office operations and improves cash flow by reducing time-to-payment for consumption. The standard battery is suitable for uninterrupted full shift use in most applications. For extremeduty applications, the extendedlife battery provides ample power to drive consistent, full-featured functionality without compromise to the compact and lightweight design.

The integrated digital compass provides a real-time indication of directional heading to enhance the functionality of the GPS radio. By improving the accuracy of the turn-by-turn directions, mobile workers are able to deliver better customer service and improve on-time delivery.

A built-in accelerometer allows the CN50 to rotate the display based on the orientation of the device, improving worker efficiency and the user experience during signature capture or similar operations. A bright 3.5” QVGA display provides exceptional viewing in full sunlight.

The CN50 features a Bluetooth® v2.1 EDR radio which provides secure wireless connectivity to headsets, Intermec mobile printers and other Bluetooth compatible devices for simple and convenient connectivity. The Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio enables fast and secure voice communications or end-of-day synchronization with your enterprise network.

With industry-leading cell phone technology at its core, the small and lightweight CN50 bridges the gap between a mobile computer and a traditional cell phone to provide high-quality voice communications without the expense of deploying and maintaining a separate device.

The no compromise design includes both a high performance 3 MP color camera with auto-focus and flash, and a dedicated area imager for responsive 1D and 2D barcode reading. The EA11 imager provides a familiar “laserlike” aimer and scanning performance that is optimized for scan intensive applications, including small or damaged barcodes. The EA21 imager provides great performance for 1D/2D barcodes as well as Intermec document imaging.

The industry standard platform in the CN50 includes Microsoft® Windows Mobile 6.1 which enables the device to integrate quickly and easily with existing systems and provides familiar operation for end users. Windows Mobile 6.1 provides integrated support for Systems Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM), allowing enterprise IT Managers to securely provision, configure, and deploy application software, device settings, and policies for populations of CN50 devices from the convenience of their management consoles.

Developers can access a comprehensive software toolkit through the Intermec Developer Library to simplify application development and shorten time to deployment.

Intermec SmartSystems™ software simplifies remote device management, by automatic staging, applying periodic system and software updates, as well as configuration changes, to keep on-going system maintenance costs low, and your CN50s performing in top condition.

The Intermec CN50 mobile computer is designed specifically for on-thego field mobility customer service operations that need to be completed faster using only a single device that combines robust application processing, automated barcode data scanning and document capture, digital camera functionality, and 3G wireless WAN voice and data communication in a rugged compact package necessary to achieve better customer service and bottom line results, now and in the future

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