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Honeywell DolphinŽ 7900 Mobile Computer with Integrated GPS
Honeywell DolphinŽ 7900 Mobile Computer with Integrated GPS
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Featuring integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the 7900 GPS enables value added location based functionality such as turn-by-turn navigation, driver location and route optimization, and the ability to document proof of visitation or service. Combined with the 7900’s advanced wireless and data collection technologies, the result is a single comprehensive mobile solution that eliminates the need for deploying multiple devices to the ield - reducing cost, easing management and simplifying your IT structure.

Designed for the Mobile User - Compact size and intuitive ergonomics combine to make scanning, stylus and keyboard data input and voice communication easy.
Built-In GPS Technology - Enables turn-by-turn navigation, driver route optimization, “bread-crumbing,” geo-fencing, and other location-based applications, giving you a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of our mobile workforce and giving your enterprise better control over assets and operations.
Industrial Grade - constructed to withstand real-world use in harsh environments, indoors or out.
Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN™) - Integrated Wireless PAN, LAN and WAN communications provide real-time data exchange and multi-voice communication - any time, anywhere.
Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 5.0 - Multifunctional data capture enables linear and 2D bar code reading, scanning of specialty and damaged codes, plus digital image capture.
Shift-PLUS™ Power Management - Powers bar code reading and RF-Intensive applications beyond an entire work shift, allowing uninterrupted data processing and enhanced worker productivity - all while greatly reducing battery replacement costs.


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