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Gryphon™ Desk 2D Plus Barcode Scanner
Gryphon™  Desk 2D Plus Barcode Scanner
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Gryphon™  Desk 2D Plus
General Purpose Corded Handheld Area Imager Bar Code Reader

With rich feature sets and extensive model options, the Gryphon product series from Datalogic Scanning represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. The Gryphon Desk 2D Plus reader series have enhanced optics with improved ‘motion tolerance’ allowing codes placed on fast moving objects to be easily and quickly captured, creating the ideal reader for tasks requiring high throughput like those found in retail and light industrial environments.

Featuring outstanding snappiness and omnidirectional reading, the Gryphon D4X2 Plus improves productivity and efficiency in a wide range of applications. It supports the most common symbologies including 1D, 2D and postal codes plus stacked and composite codes like PDF417 and GS1 DataBar. The D4X2 Plus reader can also capture the entire image of an object to be identified, regardless of its orientation, making it ideal for ‘image-based’ applications such as signature capture and wide document scanning. The Gryphon D432E model is for applications reading high resolution 2D codes.

The Gryphon Desk 2D Plus readers feature Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ providing good read feedback directly on the code which is especially useful for noisy environments. Aiming at the image to be captured is easy and intuitive, with the single click trigger that enables the Datalogic 5-dot aimer, marking the four corners and center of the reading area.

The Gryphon D4X2 Plus reader is available in two different interface models: a multi-standard interface for connection to the host via USB (COM and Wedge Emulation), RS-232 or Wedge Emulation or an IBM 46XX interface model which also includes USB and RS-232 interfaces. The Datalogic Aladdin™ configuration program provides user-friendly features to easily configure all of the reader’s parameters as well as provides a quick view of downloaded images.

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