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Advanced solutions for every mobile application: rugged mobile computers, development software as well as wireless communication and network systems. Using the most recent technologies, the mobile computers offer solutions that allow customers to control logistic processes.

Item Description
Datalogic Memor™ Mobile Computer Datalogic Memor™ Mobile Computer
COMPACT The Datalogic Memor™ is small and slim, with excellent ergonomics for single-handed use. SAP Certified - Integration with SAP ApplicationGS1 databar compatible High Performace Laser ReaderErgonomic... More Info>>
Item # DTL-944201007
Datalogic Skorpio™ Mobile Computer Datalogic Skorpio™ Mobile Computer
ERGONOMIC AND RELIABLE The Datalogic Skorpio™ is a rugged mobile computer particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment both on store shelves and in the stock room. Thanks... More Info>>
Item # DTL-942251006
Datalogic Falcon Mobile Computer Datalogic Falcon Mobile Computer
OUTSTANDING ERGONOMICSDatalogic Falcon Industry leading ergonomics combine superb balance, light weight and arched contours for ease of use. SAP Certified - Integration with SAP ApplicationGS1 databar... More Info>>
Item # DTL-4410
Datalogic Formula™ Mobile Computer Datalogic Formula™ Mobile Computer
LIGHTWEIGHT AND HANDYPut Formula™ power in your shirt pocket! Small and slim, with excellent ergonomics, the new Formula™ adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior utility. SAP Certified - Integration... More Info>>
Item # DTL-941601001
Datalogic Kyman™ Mobile Computer Datalogic Kyman™ Mobile Computer
RUGGEDThe Kyman™ rugged mobile computer is designed to survive demanding environments and provide ergonomics that reduce operator fatigue. A sturdy outer case with overmold protection ensures reliability... More Info>>
Item # DTL-944501053
Datalogic JET™ Mobile Computer Datalogic JET™ Mobile Computer
MAKES WORK EASIERDatalogic JET™, the powerful Datalogic PDA with state-of-the-art architecture and the most advanced technologies, provides the most suitable power levels for capturing, computing and... More Info>>
Item # DTL-944151025
Datalogic Pergaso Mobile Computer Datalogic Pergaso Mobile Computer
OUTSTANDING ERGONOMICS Pergaso, comfortable in both small and large hands.  Extended capacity battery integrated into design. SAP Certified - Integration with SAP ApplicationGS1 databar compatible... More Info>>
Item # DTL-950401003
Datalogic Elf Mobile Computer Datalogic Elf Mobile Computer
Elf Ergonomic, compact and robustMicrosoft Windows Mobile 6.5UMTS HSDPA mobile radio for voice and data communicationSummit embedded 802.11 a/b/g radio for  enterprise-class mobile connectivity with... More Info>>
Item # elf
Datalogic Rhino 10 Vehicle Mount Computer Datalogic Rhino 10 Vehicle Mount Computer
Rhino 10 Vehicle Mount Computer from Datalogic Datalogic Rhino 10" Vehicle Mount Computer
IP65 protection classTailored for warehouse management, the Rhino 10" Vehicle Mount Computer increases productivity... More Info>>
Item # rhino

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